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With the emergence of autonomous vehicles, it remains to be seen how travel, safety, as well as accident liability will be impacted. As the case is with car accidents, individuals who sustain injuries in accidents involving autonomous vehicles will need trusted and experienced legal guidance in order to recover compensation for their losses. Birmingham autonomous vehicle accident lawyers at Ifediba Law Group seek max compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Who is Liable in an Autonomous Vehicle Accident?

There are various factors that influence who is liable in an autonomous vehicle accident, including the extent of the systems installed, how the driver interacts with them and the amount of control given to the system.

Liability can fall on:

The Manufacturer

If all control of the vehicle is surrendered to an automated system, lawmakers may compel manufacturers to assume liability for their vehicles. To combat liability, however, vehicle producers may require some degree of human monitoring, interaction, and control in vehicles. Requiring limited control by the driver will then allow for plausible deniability for an autonomous vehicle accident.

The Driver

If self-driving vehicles still require operators to be ready to take over control in an emergency or other situations, drivers can be held liable in accidents.

As technology advances, assigning liability is only going to get more complex. The law will have to adapt, federal and state regulatory agencies will be enacting new laws and guidelines on how to govern driverless cars as more autonomous vehicles are allowed on the road and accidents occur.

Autonomous Driving Levels

  • Level 1 — Driver Assistance: Can handle one automatic task at a time, like automatic braking.
  • Level 2 — Partial Automation: Some autonomous driving tasks such as steering or acceleration are capable of being done simultaneously, but human intervention is still involved when needed.
  • Level 3 — Conditional Automation: Under particular conditions, the vehicle can perform all safety-oriented functions, but a driver is needed to intercede when alerted.
  • Level 4 — High Automation: Autonomous operation is fully operational in certain environments. Others require the assistance of a human driver.
  • Level 5 — Full Automation: The vehicle is completely autonomous without a driver present.

In the case of a level four or level five autonomous car, the liability would most likely fall on the vehicle manufacturer because the vehicle drives without requiring an operator.

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